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Make money while making others learn

Now you can easily become a forex trading mentor or an instructor with your own content. It is easy to join our platform and train others and earn at the same time. You have a strategy and you want to sell your strategy, then advertise it on MIT and make money while making others learn.

How to become an Instructor

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It is very easy to become an instructor on our platform. Send us an email with your contact details and course outline with a subject line as “ Become an Instructor ” at Our senior mentor will reply you within 24 hours and discuss the method and the process to assess your content. There after you will join our community of thousands of students and begin to sell your strategy for the agreed price.
  1. Your program will be assessed every month.
  2. Any changes shall be discussed and reviewed by our team. 30% of the card price of your course will be paid to MIT, 
  3. Any additional course will be regarded as a separate module. 
  4. There are no language barriers which means you can make your content in any language as long as the transcript of your content is in English. 
  5. Obscene content, aggressive, foul and offensive language cannot be used. 
  6. You would have to create a Vimeo link on its platform with the password to your course and share it with our admin team.

Your course should be trading specific. You can create course about anything which involves trading. You can create your course in the form of a presentation with your audio and video in it. You can prepare slides and animated characters in your video. Course length can go from minimum of 10 minutes to 1.5 hours. The price of the course should be competitive and shall not exceed our price limits. Our platform is user friendly and in three steps your course will become live.

Step 1: Email our team
Step 2: Share your content (after you have been contacted by our senior mentors)
Step 3: Agree the price and start selling and earning.